"House M.D." Ugly Quotes

House and his team are hampered by a reality television crew whilst battling over possible diagnoses for a craniofacial surgery patient.

"Wow! You are ugly! Wow! You're an ass!""I think I'm going blind. Hairy palms too? No, she said something idiotic again and I didn't even notice it. Foreman had to point out it was idiotic. She's making me an idiot. It's cute, you have a crush.""Why did you hire her? Because she has way more diagnostic experience than the other swimsuit models I was considering.""How many lives have been lost because of pretty girls?""On the other hand, cameras make people act. Sometimes like human beings, sometimes just weird. Sometimes, they wear open-tip bras. It's cold in here.""A little part of me... There is no little part of you.""Suddenly I don't feel I can trust Michael Moore movies.""You think I like the cameras? You think I want the whole world watching you check out my ass and question my wardrobe? Would it be better if I checked out your wardrobe and questioned your ass?""House, do you have a minute to be disemboweled?""The story of life - Boy meets girl. Boy gets stupid. Boy and girl live stupidly ever after.""Let's go for a walk. Walking gives the illusion of the story moving forward.""Anywhere else in the animal kingdom, your parents would have eaten you at birth.""Anybody here more interested in the medicine and a little less interested in the paparazzi?""Why did you take this job? He's got a bulging cyst... You had a perfectly good plastic surgery practice... lots of money. Fluids aren't draining properly... The temptation to come screw with me just too much for you? There's got to be a better reason.""Dr. Taub would rather distract you from the truth with sparkly things like four-carat diamonds. House... Your partner said that you left for personal reasons, but your wife said you lost a patient. You son-of-a-bitch. You spoke to my wife? See, that confused me.""Taub. I don't see it. Stay away from the family. House, start steroids and stay away from his family.""Why can't you just accept the fact you cured this kid? You want to stop his surgery! You're not normal, so you don't want anybody else to be normal. You don't think normal's healthy.""There's a mass lesion in the left anterior temporal lobe surrounded by edema. Did you just insult me in Pig Latin?""I have a new theory. Her bad ideas don't indicate a lack of intelligence, they indicate... an open mind, a willingness not to be trapped by conventional..."